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    Growing a beard is one thing; maintaining it is another. These essential beard oils will ensure soft whiskers and healthy skin for beards of all types.



    Reduce scratchy skin and anxiety in one fell swoop with Sam’s Natural’s Vetiver Beard Oil, thanks to its main ingredient, vetiver essential oil, a holistic stress buster that also gives out a grassy, woody scent. This savvy solution also contains almond and organic olive oil to condition your facial hair and moisturise the skin underneath, as well as rosemary oil to boost hair growth. US$17.95/1oz; www.samsnatural.com


    Like a well-made gin and tonic, Beard Tonic Style and Shine by Belenos Skin Botanique has the clean, sweet scent of fresh lime. Made with hemp seed oil that softens and tames beards for easy styling, and nourishing coconut and tamanu oils that leave the skin healthy and energised beneath, this British-made potion features hypnotising end notes of cinnamon and vanilla, that we know she’ll love. US$10.02; www.belenostherapy.co.uk


    Smell as good as you look with Can You Handlebar’s “Wisdom” Bright and Woodsy, a blend of natural essences including olive, grape seed, and rice bran oils, presented in a dropper-top bottle with a dropper top and a handy travel container to ensure no spills whilst travelling. With notes of cedar, spruce, and lemon, this essential beard oil nourishes your whiskers and hydrates your skin, and doesn’t smell half-bad either. US$20/1oz; www.canyouhandlebar.com



    If you want to form a little shine on your face armour, rub in a few drops of Beardbrand’s Spiced Citrus Beard Oil, a lightweight solution perfect for rough, dehydrated and poorly-shaven skin. With a blend of naturally derived almond and grapeseed oils, as well as grapefruit seed extract, this beard conditioner keeps your whiskers shiny and moisturised yet non-greasy, while also exuding a light, alluring scent of grapefruit and spices. US$25/1oz; www.beardbrand.com


    Fragranced oils aren’t for every lad. Beyer’s Oil, an unscented facial hair product suitable for sensitive skin, might just be what you need for easy-to-manage whiskers and goatee without the aroma of a Tom Collins. Handmade in Bavaria, this nourishing mixture of lemon verbena, organic jojoba oil, bergamot and lavender essential oils smooths beard hair, complements post-shave skin, and helps reduce itching, while also giving off a natural scent of fresh citrus with a hint of spice. US$26.84/1oz; www.beyersoil.com 


    Created by Okamura Farmacopia and Madison Rowley, who won the world champion of Full Beard Natural in 2015, Rides Rêve Classic Beard Oil is a revitalizing potion for facial hair and skin. Blending essential oils extracted from grape seed, cranberries, and rosemary leaf, this conditioning treatment moisturizes and softens beards, and protects skin against roughness from regular shaving. The oil’s fragrant ingredients, organic sweet orange and Arabian jasmine, gives the beard a fresh, clean, and sweet smell that will drive the ladies crazy. US$59; www.okamurafarm.com 


    Nick Walton
    Nick Walton

    A regular traveller, photographer and adventurer, Nick Walton is managing editor of Men with Style Asia, as well as a series of leading travel and lifestyle titles, based in Hong Kong

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