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    Luxury auto marque Bentley has introduced the third pillar in its range of luxurious fragrances.

    Bracingly masculine scent matched with sleek modern presentation, Bentley Momentum is a style, modern scent from renowned master perfumer Nathalie Lorson, who has created a fragrance that contrast aromatic freshness with potent, vibrant woods.

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    Available in two intensities, Bentley Momentum Eau de Toilette and Bentley Momentum Intense Eau de Parfum, each with its distinctive olfactory design, Bentley Momentum opens with a splash of aquatic notes, touches of cool green violet, and herbaceous, aromatic accents thanks to hints of cashmere, clary sage, and dusky tonka bean.

    Alternatively, Bentley Momentum Intense builds up the intensity of the composition with new ingredients that heighten the contrast between top and base notes. Elemi, a resin with green, zesty and peppery facets, spices up a cool aromatic accord of lavender and geranium. Cutting-edge woody ambery notes boost the vibrancy of the blend.

    Inspired by New York’s soaring, vertical skyline, Bentley Momentum’s bottle design reflects its assertive notes. Tall, rectangular and faceted, it is made of luxuriously heavy glass, with a front and back secured with silver brushed-metal plates, printed with the iconic “Flying B” Bentley logo. In contrast with the bottle’s bold geometric lines, the metal stopper is rounded, and entirely embossed with Bentley’s signature knurling. The knurling motif also adorns the top and sides of the box, presented in a light grey with metallic silver sides and top for Bentley Momentum, and in dark grey with a dark silver top and sides for Bentley Momentum Intense. Available in 60 or 100ml and as a hair and body shampoo.  www.bentley-fragrances.com



    Nick Walton
    Nick Walton

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