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    Combining the serenity of noise-cancelling headphones with a foldable 3D virtual cinema, the new Royole Moon mobile theatre is a must for savvy travellers or gents looking to take their gaming experience to the next level.

    Let’s set the stage; you’re on a crowded flight and all you want is to be able to watch a movie in peace and quiet. Perhaps you’re finally challenging your online nemesis to a battle to the death and need to bring all your sensors together like so many pieces on a chessboard. Or perhaps you’ve finally found enough alone-time to enjoy a movie you just know she’s going to hate.

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    Enter the Moon by the Royole Corporation, a wearable theatre that combines a giant, scalable 800-inch curved screen with realistic 3D effects and high-fidelity noise-cancelling headphones. Combined, this technological symphony delivers a truly immersive, entertainment experience minus the eye fatigue and queasiness often associated with VR and 3D viewing.  

    Ok, so what are we talking here? Firstly you have a screen with 3,000 pixels per inch making it around ten times the resolution of high-end smartphones. With the world’s finest 1080p 0.01mm-thick AMOLED display, expect superior image definition and quality, as well as a unique 3D visual experience thanks to the device’s proprietary design – you don’t even have to switch out those prescription glasses.

    What’s more, the device allows users to play and view 2D and 3D content from a wide range of sources, including smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes. PCs, TV boxes, an external hard drive, Moon’s own memory, or the latest gaming consoles. You can even download and play gaming and video apps or stream content on the go.

    Of course, all those power is packed into a sleek device that looks straight out of a sci-fi movie; a matte composite surface available in white, black or gold is accented with metal trim, leather ear cups, and detailed texture, while a foldable design, another world first, makes the Moon ideal for travel.  From US$799; www.royole.com/moon

    Nick Walton
    Nick Walton

    A regular traveller, photographer and adventurer, Nick Walton is managing editor of Men with Style Asia, as well as a series of leading travel and lifestyle titles, based in Hong Kong

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