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  • Kokomo Island Opens in Fiji

    The newest luxury retreat has opened in the heart of the South Pacific, and we know how to get there.

    You’ve always fancied yourself as the type of millionaire playboy that spend months at a time basking in the South Sea sun. Well, we’ve found you just the spot on which to lay your beach towel, wave down a sympathetic waiter, and (potentially) rub shoulders with truly jetset.  


    Located at the heart of the South Pacific, the newly-opened Kokomo Island resort is Fiji’s newest private island hideaway. Located in the celestial Kadavu Island Group, and developed by Australian Lang Walker, the remote slice of heaven is scattered across 56-hectares of South Seas paradise, with lush rainforests wreathing white sand beaches and vibrant coral gardens, including The Great Astrolabe Reef, home to an abundance of exotic coral gardens and sea life, just waiting to be explored.

    With a barefoot luxury persona we’re sure you’ll quickly adopt, this island haven features 27 spacious villas, including five Hilltop Luxury Residences and, for those who know how to live well, one palatial Owners’ Beachfront Residence, complete with beautifully-appointed guest rooms, expansive sun decks, and hot-and-cold running butler service. Each villa also features a private pool and walled garden, ensuring luxury and privacy in equal measure.



    When you’re not whiling away the afternoon in your villa, being poked and prodded into
    submission in the authentic Fijian spa, or feasting like an island chief at one of the resort’s many innovative kitchens, you can order a sun-kissed in-villa barbeque, or take to the seas on guided snorkeling and diving itineraries of the Great Astrolabe Reef, the fourth largest in the world.


    Nick Walton
    Nick Walton

    A regular traveller, photographer and adventurer, Nick Walton is managing editor of Men with Style Asia, as well as a series of leading travel and lifestyle titles, based in Hong Kong

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