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    Love a cup of joe? Now you can luxe up that next java fix with an aged cuppa.

    Nespresso Limited Edition SELECTION VINTAGE 2014_stylized_4

    Luxury capsule coffee brand Nespresso has launched its first aged coffee, with the release of the Limited Edition Selection Vintage 2014 Grand Cru. The brand’s coffee gurus meticulously aged Arabica coffee beans sourced three years ago from high altitudes in the Colombian highlands to create Selection Vintage 2014, a complex blend with elegant woodiness, softened fruity notes and a smooth velvet-like texture.

     Traditional coffee aging began in the 1700s when coffee harvested in Indonesia would be transported to Europe by ship. Along the route, wet sea air and salt water would cause the beans to swell. They would then bake through the tropics, their flavour evolving.

     In contrast, Selection Vintage 2014 was crafted using a completely new method pioneered by Nespresso experts who wanted to capture the unique flavour profiles that are revealed by the aging process, but by using specific controlled conditions. This included regulating the time, oxygen, moisture in the air, light and atmospheric pressure. A rotation system was also implemented for the bags of harvested coffee to ensure the ideal aging process.

    The result is a coffee with an intensity of 7 and an elegant flavour with soft fruity and woody notes followed by an exceptionally smooth finish, especially when enjoyed from one of the newly-crafted Nespresso x Riedel glasses, a vessel specifically designed to maximise the aroma and taste of coffee. www.nespresso.com


    Nick Walton
    Nick Walton

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