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    Isn’t it time you took your gin cocktails to a whole new level? We think we’ve discovered how.

    When it comes to cocktails, both those you’re ordering over the mahogany and those little numbers you’re shaking up at home, the quality of raw ingredients is always key. With most cocktails, especially the classics, that’s the base spirit; why mask the most vital component with a myriad of other flavours when you can start as you mean to end, with a top-notch spirit that’s been lovingly crafted by those in the know.




     So it is with Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin, the first in the Australian brand’s bartender series, a clutch of innovative small-batch spirits produced by and for the region’s leading mixologists. Designed  to slice and dice its way through the Campari and vermouth prominent in its namesake classic, Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin is laced with blood orange, bush tomato and organic ginger, as well as Tasmanian pepperberry leaf (which gives the original Four Pillars its underlying spice), a touch of cinnamon, and exotic West African spice Grains of Paradise, which simmers just below the surface.

     Fragrant yet complex, this fascinating craft spirit lends itself to a host of spring and summer cocktails, from playful martinis and bold negronis, to the ultimate expression of the gin and tonic. You’ll never look at gin the same again. www.fourpillarsgin.com.au

    Nick Walton
    Nick Walton

    A regular traveller, photographer and adventurer, Nick Walton is managing editor of Men with Style Asia, as well as a series of leading travel and lifestyle titles, based in Hong Kong

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